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 Nice to meet you.  My name is Emi Sasagawa and I am the representative.
 Did you know that there is a technique called "Nekkoritori"?
 I think there are a lot of doubts for those who hear it for the first time.

 ・ What is Nekkoritori?
 ・ Can the pain really improve?
 ・ Is it true that the source of stiffness can be removed?
 ・ There should be no end to worry.
 I hope you read this website and alleviate that anxiety.

 First of all ... What is Nekkoritori?
 Nekkoritori is a treatment method that aims to eliminate the cause of chronic stiffness, regain the lightness of the body, and lead to a healthy body that does not recur.
 The latest treatment aimed at eliminating the root cause, rather than rubbing and loosening superficial stiffness.
 When the root cause is eliminated, the stiffness generated on the surface will disappear at the same time.
 Therefore, even a single treatment will have a great effect, and rebounds in a short period of time will not be repeated.
 It is also recommended for those who have not improved their symptoms even after receiving various massages and manipulative treatments, and those who want to regain their lightness over the long term.

Recommended for those who suffer from such symptoms.

 ・ Those who are unfamiliar with teleworking and do not know what is elaborate anymore.
 ・ Those who are stressed by refraining from activities at the stay home.
 ・ Those who have not improved their symptoms even after receiving various massages and manipulative treatments.
 ・ Those who have repeatedly rebounded in a short period of time.
 ・ People who have heavy necks and shoulders after driving for a long time ... etc.

 * "Nekkoritori" is a treatment method that improves the symptoms from the ground up and makes the body healthy without recurrence.

 You should have seen it on YouTube videos too!  !!
 The closer it is to the root of the stiffness, the more pain it causes.
 We have prepared a monitor course for those who think, "Is it a pain that I can bear ?!" "What is the feeling of getting stiff ?!"  Please take advantage of this opportunity.

– Stores implementing measures against new coronavirus infections –

 We are taking measures so that you can receive the treatment with peace of mind.
 Since it is a complete reservation system, we will not be with other customers.
 ① Thorough staff wearing masks and washing hands
 ②Practitioner's temperature measurement and physical condition management
 ③ Hand wash gargle sterilization before and after the procedure
 ④ Thorough hygiene management of the treatment environment
 → We ventilate the room, change towels, and disinfect each treatment.

 If your body temperature is 37 degrees or higher on the day, please cancel.
 Also, please refrain from those who are elderly, have an underlying illness, or have had a cold or flu symptoms within the past two weeks.

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